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Robert Sand

Photo Essay: Robert Sand

Staff Sergeant Robert Sand smoking a pipe, while dressed for work as propellor specialist— complete with an apron for carrying his hand tools. Sand was born in Portland, Oregon, in
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PRG at mt farm

New Acquisition: Focus Cat Sign Board

The sign board in situ, 1944. American airmen who specialized in photo reconnaissance during World War II were given the nickname “Focus Cats.” The sign board pictured here is the
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At-6D Texan#2

Featured Aircraft: North American AT-6D Texan (Harvard)

North American AT-6D Texan (Harvard) Specifications: Wingspan: 43 ft.Length: 29 ft.Weight: 3,900 lb. empty; 5,155 lb. loadedTop Speed: 208 mphRange: 629 milesArmament: Two fixed 0.30 machine-guns, provision for one 0.30
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BFTS main article photo

The Autographs: No 5 British Flying Training School, Clewiston

Written by Anne Hughes Every day, the American Air Museum tells the story of Anglo-American collaboration throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition to showcasing stories of high-flying American
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Bomber crew returns

A B-17 Navigator’s Flight

Above: A bomber crew of the 381st Bomb Group return to Ridgewell after a successful mission over enemy territory in their B-17 Flying Fortress, 13 December 1943. (IWM FRE 1259)
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Left to right: Elinor Otto and son, B-24 Liberators in construction at the Ford Factory at Willow Run, Judy Hubbartt

Riveters & Their Aircraft

Left to right: Elinor Otto and son, B-24 Liberators in construction at the Ford Factory at Willow Run, Judy Hubbartt   March is Women’s History Month in the United States
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Feb Blog Hero Image

The Experience of Black Americans in Britain during WWII

During World War II, American servicemen and women were posted to Britain to support Allied operations in northwest Europe, and between January 1942 and December 1945, about 1.5 million of
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Blog Header Photo

Bill McGinley’s Purple Heart

Left: photo of Bill McGinley, center: Bill McGinley’s Purple Heart, right: Bill McGinley receives a medal One of the latest additions to the American Air Museum in Britain’s permanent collection
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McChesney in Kenneth Streun crew small file

The Courage to Serve Lasts a Lifetime

Hardin Field McChesney, with his crew. Front: Joseph Sicard, Lewis Wilson, Robert Whitelaw, Streun. Back: Alfred Lubojacky, Leon Nahmias, Grank McDonough, James Standlee, and Hardin Field McChesney 2021 marks 80
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An overview of the Cambridge American Military Cemetery, in Cambridge, England. (Photo by Warrick Page/ABMC)

Cambridge American Cemetery – Honoring Service and Sacrifice

On November 11, 1918, Germany signed an armistice agreement with the Allies, ending the hostilities of World War I. The date was initially celebrated as “Armistice Day” in America until
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