Pictured above, the RAF Red Arrows are an air show fan favorite!

Duxford is Britain’s best‐preserved historic airfield, and on July 24, 2021, dozens of planes will soar the skies above this historic site once again for the Duxford Summer Air Show, previously the Duxford Air Festival.

The thrilling two‐day, family‐friendly event will provide entertaining spectacles including modern and historic aircraft, parachutists, and the kind of jaw‐dropping aerial displays that have delighted crowds for decades, creating entire new generations of air show lovers.

A Spitfire Mk I of No. 19 Squadron flies over another parked aircraft at Fowlmere, September 1940.

This year, fans will get to witness aviation teams like the RAF Red Arrows and the RAF Falcons as they perform high‐flying stunts in the skies where planes once launched into epic and historic conflicts. They’ll get to hear stories from living history groups, re-creating elements of wartime life from both the First and Second World Wars. In this way, the air show will serve as a bridge to the past … especially for the many thousands of annual air show attendees who might not know about the history of this special place.

Duxford was constructed to train fliers for the Royal Air Force during World War I. In 1943 it became home to the US Army Forces 78th Fighter Group. On June 6, 1944, every available P-47 Thunderbolt fighter launched from Duxford to take part in D-Day, the largest combined land, sea, and air operation in history.

Today, Duxford is home to the American Air Museum, which showcases more than 800 objects, 85 personal stories, and 19 historic aircraft dating back to the First World War. The museum and its members safeguard the story of two nations united.

This year’s air show will be slightly different with new COVID‐19 protocols in place to ensure visitor safety, but there will still be plenty to see and experience.  And be sure to look out for tickets to our next exciting event, the Battle of Britain Air Show taking place September 18‐19. Tickets will go on sale soon; for the most up‐to‐date information, check out the event page.

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