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B-25 info

Featured Aircraft: B-25J Mitchell

B-25J Mitchell Specifications: Wingspan: 67 ft. 7 in.Length: 53 ft. 6 in.Weight: 19,480 lb. empty; 35,000 lb. fully loadedTop Speed: 285 mph Range: 1,200 milesArmament: Twelve 0.50 machine guns, 6,000
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Action Stations Photo1

Air Force Action Stations

Calling All Families to Air Force Action Stations: Report to the American Air Museum to Help Save the Day! Air Force Action Stations, the newest addition to the museum’s educational
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Robert Gutierrez Jr.

A Patriot’s Response to 9/11

Staff Sergeant Robert Gutierrez at the American Air Museum I Want to Do Something Bigger Than Myself: A Patriot’s Response to 9/11 Many Americans shared the feelings of San Diego
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