Air Force Major Abigail Eastman is one of the more unexpected stories showcased in the American Air Museum. Serving as a labor and delivery nurse at RAF Lakenheath in 2015, Abigail and her colleagues delivered approximately 450 babies a year — providing expert care to active duty mothers and their families.

It’s a mission she finds more rewarding than any other during her years in uniform. “I think that watching a woman come in and transition into motherhood is very special,” Abigail says. “Watching a sibling meet his little sister or brother for the first time is pretty magical as well. You can’t duplicate that in another field as far as I am concerned. I love it!”

Her own children also enjoyed their time in the UK. Abigail notes her three boys are “to some extent bi-lingual, because the Queen’s English is definitely different from American English.”

In any language, Abigail Eastman is a hero to new mothers. We are pleased to recognize her service and commitment to caring for others.

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