The Eagle Squadron Heritage Society was formed in 2007 to recognize the extraordinary commitment of a number of the AAM’s members to the Museum’s mission to educate young and old alike about the American airmen who gave their lives in defense of liberty. The Board of Trustees of the American Air Museum in Britain would therefore like to welcome the following donors as 2020 members of this select group of supporters and thank them for their most generous support.

Philip Anderson
CAPT Stephen M. Bailey, USAF (Ret.)
LCDR Ronald L. Barela USCG (Ret.)
Bettelu Beverly
David Z. Bodenheimer
John F. Bookout, Jr.
Jack O. Bovender, Jr.
Russell J. Bryant
Thomas C. Butz
Ralph & Rose Anne Carr
George A. Coelho
Greg D. Cumbey
Gail Dady
Jeffrey L. Dahlgren
Peggy Maher & Kevin Doherty
Gabriel D. Donohoe
GEN Ralph E. Eberhart, USAF (Ret.)
Donald G. Elliott
Robert L. Fiscus
Mary E. Fowler
Mary K. Frothingham
Richard C. Godfrey
Thomas D. Greider
Carolyn Hammers
Michiel “Mick” J. Hanou
CAPT James Hardaway, USN (Ret.)
Donald S. & Lora A. Harper
Dr. Richard Heath
Warren G. Herreid II
Ken Horn
Patrick Hughes
Harvey L. Johns
GEN John P. Jumper, USAF (Ret.)
The Estate of Mr. James L. Kritz
Lawrence Lerner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Lindberg
Michael D. & Mary Lubin
Karen E. Maerz
K. R. Malchow
Adrienne B. Mars
Linda A. Mars
Luiz M. Martinez
Thomas B. McCullough, Jr.
Robert H. Nishimura
Jerold O’ Brien
David C. Olsen
Kenneth A. Owens II
Janice M. Pearson
Janice & Raymond J. Perry
Robert P. Pike
Ray & Neva Pollock
Peter J. Rose
Robert A. Scheel
Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Schilling
Ivan A. Schlager
COL David R. Scott, USAF (Ret.)
Francis Scully, Jr.
Verne Seehausen
Brooks E. Shelton
CDR John R. Sill, USN (Ret.)
Scott V. Simpson
Michael F. Smith
Troy Smith
BRIG GEN Wade R. Smith, USAF (Ret.)
Judith Stearns
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Spence
Harry W. Stowers Jr.
Leslie C. Taylor
Dr. Frederick W. Telling
The Herman H. Kaye Charitable Foundation
The Phase Foundation
Robert Topping
Jeffrey M. Trinklein
MAJ GEN Bruce Tuxill, USAF (Ret.)
John R. Upton Jr.
Timothy C. Walker
Robert L. Wantland
John A. Ward
Barry G. Wardlaw
COL David Wehrly, USAF (Ret.)
William Weidner
Mr. & Mrs. Linden H. Welch
Keith D. Wentzel
LT GEN Bruce A. Wright, USAF (Ret.)

Membership in the Eagle Squadron Heritage Society for 2021 opens on October 1, 2020, and runs until September 30, 2021. To learn more about the Eagle Squadron and how you can join, please contact Keri Donohoo at